Use of biomethane produces
92% less greenhouse gas
compared to natural gas.

Without feed-in management, you could be losing
as much as 30% of that potential.

FEED-IN MANAGEMENT with UtonomyOne lets you dynamically control and optimise gas pressure in medium-pressure networks so you can inject the full output potential of biomethane plants.

Typically, biomethane plants are connected to medium pressure networks and governors are set manually, normally twice a year, in winter and summer. The biomethane plant injects gas into the medium pressure network at a fixed rate that can’t be changed at short notice.

The natural gas governors are set conservatively high to ensure security of supply under all conditions including the possibility of the biomethane plant going off-line. When demand is low, however, for example on a warm day or at night, the high pressure setpoint results in the network being flooded with natural gas.

The high pressure in the network means that the biomethane plant can’t inject into the system. As it can’t quickly scale back capacity, it must flare the gas – lost revenue for the plant and a lost opportunity to reduce emissions.

A method of automatically adjusting the governors
that allows maximum feed in of biomethane is required.


With UtonomyOne, governor setpoints can be continuously and remotely adjusted. Output pressures are maintained via electronic actuators, ensuring the optimum network pressure for maximum biomethane feed in at all times.

1. With UtonomyOne, governor pressures are continuously adjusted to the minimum level needed to maintain security of supply (depending on the demand conditions) in order to prioritise biomethane feed-in at all times.

2. During periods of lower demand, at night or on warm days, the natural gas governor pressures are reduced to prioritise biomethane. These lower pressures are still sufficient to safely ensure security of supply.

3. The biomethane plant is now able to maximise its feed in even on warm days and at night. By varying pressures, the network volume can also be used to store surplus biomethane produced overnight.

Minimum effort, maximum return

Utonomy’s feed in management

can be quickly and simply retrofitted to existing equipment without costly upgrades or downtime. The actuator is compatible with most pilot-operated regulators, regardless of the manufacturer while the controller is simply connected via a standard mobile phone network. The entire installation is battery powered and can be topped up with a compact solar panel which gives you the flexibility to expand as required. Start with feed in management and quickly and simply add functionality, such as grid monitoring, as and when you need it.

Benefits at a glance

Higher injection capacity – optimises output of biomethane facility.

Easily retrofitted to existing governors – minimises disruption and installation cost.

Reduced operating costs – automatic control eliminates the need for site visits for manual seaonal regulator adjustment.

Reduced CAPEX – avoid unnecessary investment required for alternative solutions such as pipeline and compressors for injecting biomethane back into high-pressure networks.

Feed-in Management with UtonomyOne:
maximising the potential for biomethane feed in.