The more control you have,
the better the outlook.

With UtonomyOne, you can quickly and easily monitor and control your entire network.

UtonomyOne gives you the tools you need for the digital
transformation of your gas distribution grid.
The system uses AI, machine learning and innovative
hardware to create a smarter network.

Monitor your network, optimise network pressures and diagnose issues rapidly. All via a cloud-based data and software platform. With UtonomyOne, you can connect remote governor stations and data loggers securely via a 4G cellular network.

A new level of network pressure control


Pressure control & monitoring

Ucontrol is a solution for governor setpoint adjustment, suitable for use in Atex zone 0. Simply and quickly installed, motorised actuators can be retrofitted to existing governors. The dual channel design and watchdogs together with mechanical pressure range limits ensure security of supply. Additional sensors can be added via an expansion port.

Ucontrol actuators

Actuators are available as single or dual drive models for use in the most critical applications, such as single-stream governor stations. IP68 actuators are available for underground station designs. Adaptators are available for many of the common pilot-operated governors. If not already available, additional adaptors can be developed.

Thanks to UtonomyOne’s modularity, Ucontrol can be quickly and simply retrofitted to existing equipment without costly upgrades or downtime. Start with stand-alone pressure management running pre-configured daily schedules and quickly and simply add functionality whenever you need it. Uconnect provides secure communication, which, together with Uscope, gives you remote monitoring and control. Finally, add Upredict for smart pressure control.

A secure infrastructure for greater peace of mind


Secure comms & data logging

Uconnect is the communication infrastructure that links governor stations with Ucloud, our cloud-based data and software platform. The gateway connects via 4G cellular networks and can be powered via a solar power subsystem.


Secure and reliable iot cloud platform

Ucloud is built on a market-leading platform. It’s rapid to deploy and lets you start small and grow at your own pace. Highly scalable, it gives you the ability to cover the largest networks with a secure and reliable cloud service platform.


In addition to its central role in the UtonomyOne infrastructure, Ucloud can also be used as a platform for additional applications to enable further digitalisation.

Intelligent applications for smarter networks


Remote station monitoring and control

Uscope is hosted in Ucloud and provides remote monitoring and control. Functions include ad-hoc pressure setpoint control, schedule editing and enablement as well as remote diagnostics and alarms. Its intuitive user interface delivers data trends visualisation and analysis.


AI-driven automatic predictive control

Upredict uses machine learning to automatically optimise the pressure in the network to minimise leakage. Machine learning network and demand models are created and updated daily. These models are used to create individual schedules for each governor, which keeps the average pressure across the network to a minimum while maintaining quality of service for gas customers at the extremity points.


Expected product release date: 2022

Smarter pressure control, reduced leakage

With Upredict, the average pressure across the whole network is minimised while maintaining minimum levels at each of the extremity points.

Benefits at a glance

Increased environmental incentives from reduction of leakage.
Reduced financial losses from reduction of leakage.

Elimination of site visits to adjust governors.
Release of skilled technicians for more important tasks.

Reduction in reported and unreported leaks.
Increased safety.
Remote diagnosis and resolution of network issues.

Avoided capex in reinforcements.
Reduced cost of repex through increased insertion vs open cut.