Is your network ready for the energy transformation?

Utonomy‘s retrofittable technologies help gas network operators
achieve their decarbonisation, digitalisation
and decentralisation goals. Quickly and with minimum disruption.

Whether you‘re looking to reduce gas shrinkage,
optimise bio-methane feed in or simply get a better understanding of what‘s happening in your network, our innovative products and cloud-based systems offer cost-effective solutions that can be quickly and simply fitted to your existing infrastructure.

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Optimise grid pressure, reduce gas shrinkage

The impact of methane on global warming is 84 times greater than CO2. If you‘re looking to reduce gas shrinkage without renewing your utility‘s network, our pressure management solution could be the answer. Find out more.

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Enhance feed in, unlock bio-methane potential

With bio-methane producing 92% less greenhouse gas compared to natural gas, maximising the potential of bio-methane feed-in is critical for meeting decarbonisation goals. If you want to get more out of bio-methane production, our feed-in management can help.
Find out more.

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Improve grid intelligence, reduce costs

Average asset values for large distribution grid operators run into the billions of pounds, with operation and maintenance costs of several hundred million pounds per year. If you‘re aiming to reduce asset oversizing and ongoing O&M costs, our Grid Monitoring and Profiling can help. Find out more.


Our intelligent sensors and controllers can be simply retrofitted to existing systems in just a few hours. Once installed, they connect securely to our cloud-based software and give you the flexibility to expand as required. Start, for example with pressure management, then quickly and simply add functionality, such as grid monitoring, incrementally as and when you need it.

The bottom line

Utonomy Pressure Management automatically optimises network pressure, keeping it as low as possible while maintaining statutory minimums. A 25% reduction means 25% less leakage with typical payback in less than three years.

Utonomy Feed-in Management optimises the pressure in medium-pressure gas networks enabling a higher volume of bio-methane feed in.

Utonomy Grid Monitoring and Profiling provides continuous measurement and logging of grid data and asset condition. The result: lower capex thanks to more cost-effective planning and better asset utilisation, plus lower operation and maintenance costs thanks to better condition monitoring.