Utonomy secures major contract with SGN to reduce methane leakage

July 2022

Utonomy, the developer of smart gas grid technology that optimises pressure in the gas network, has secured a major contract with gas distribution network SGN to install its unique pressure control and management system at 270 governor stations across the south of England. The primary aim of the three-year project is to reduce methane emissions by 2.9 GWh of Methane, or approximately 3,600 tCO2e pa.  

The project builds on a collaboration between Utonomy and SGN. This saw them work together on the NIA-funded Pressure Control and Management project, which has completed successful trials over the past three years.

The solution from Utonomy eliminates the need for governor stations to be manually adjusted – which typically happens four times per year in line with seasonal demand – resulting in lower operating costs and enabling pressures to be adjusted much more frequently.  

Utonomy’s pressure control solution enables the governors to be remotely and continuously adjusted so that the pressure in the network matches demand. This leads to lower average pressures in the network and, as the leakage is proportional to the pressure, leakage will be significantly reduced.

The technology will also enable SGN to achieve the commitments made to leakage reduction targets set out in the RIIO-GD2 Environmental Action Plan (EAP). 

As Adam Kingdon, founder and CEO of Utonomy, comments:

“SGN is already best in class in pressure management, with average network pressures as low as you can get with current technology. That said, they are continuously looking at ways to reduce methane emissions even further.

“Developing a solution using the latest technology to optimise the pressure in the network really was a collaborative process with SGN, and we are thrilled that, after successful field trials, Utonomy’s technology will be rolled out at scale across the network.

“As well as reducing emissions, our technology also helps to prepare the networks for the low-carbon transition by helping operators to control pressures and prioritise the feed-in of green gas such as biomethane and hydrogen.” 

Paul Denniff, Network and Safety Director at SGN, comments:

“Pressure monitoring and control are essential for accurate network analysis and network modelling. They are a key tool in helping us to reduce leakage in our networks even further. 

“While our systems were already performing well, we realised that improvements could be made by using the latest technology. It has been a pleasure to work with Utonomy to develop an innovative remote control pressure management system. This will help us make further reductions in methane emissions ensuring gas networks become greener, smarter, safer and more resilient as we progress through the energy transition towards a sustainable future.”

For more information, visit https://utonomy.co.uk 


Notes to editors

About Utonomy

Established in 2015, Utonomy is a UK-based company that uses patented hardware and AI technology to optimise pressure in the gas network. Its primary aim is to reduce emissions of methane from the network and help facilitate the transition to low-carbon forms of gas.

About SGN

SGN manages the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.9 million homes and businesses in the south of England and across Scotland. Its pipes deliver gas safely, reliably and efficiently to every one of its customers. 

Adam Kingdon